Saturday, September 30, 2017

Li Zi

So Ace came home and told us about something that happened after school today.

He said after school, they went to the shop near their school to buy things and as he was bending down to look at something he was interested in, his bum hit against a bicycle that was parked right next to the shelves.

And the Aunty who owned the bicycle went berserk and scolded him non stop despite Ace apologizing.

"What did she say.." I asked him.

And he said she kept going on and on about how now all the Li4 Zi3 that she bought are all now bruised and rotten. And she kept scolding and scolding and scolding and mumbling about her Li4 Zi3 until the shop owner aunty buay tahan and say, "够了啦,为什么跟小孩子计较,都说对不起了。”

But she kept going on and on and on until the shopkeeper Aunty buay tahan and and say, "How much are your Li4 Zi3, I pay you back lah..."

And she really did!

I was super impressed at the kindness of this shopkeeper aunty.

And also super curious... why Li4 Zi3 (chestnuts) will bruise and become rotten just because they were knocked over.

After trying to verify with Ace over half a day, then I realized.. that Ace's Li4 Zi3 (which mean CHESTNUTS) was actually Li2 Zi3 (PEAR).... Hahahahaha...

Anyway, Max told Ace he should thank the shopkeeper aunty and buy her coffee.... And so he went back the next day to say thank you and buy her coffee.

I just feel warm that there are so many nice people in this world who help look out for my son when I am not beside him :)

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