Saturday, October 28, 2017

Halloween Celebration With Lele

So Ace came to me and told me that he will like to celebrate Halloween this year because he misses Dubai and all the Halloween parties his school would hold during September term. I told him I will go find out what options we have. I figured it is no fun to go to parties like these alone and checked with Aunty KP if Lele will be interested to attend together with Ace.

We shortlisted a few and decided on the FREE party at ACM.. hahahaah:)

Next leh, is how to dress up.... I went to Daiso and bought some stuff that we can use to dress up... Mixed and matched with some of the items I already have at home...

Ace says the mask is to warm.. in the end he just wore a black tshirt:) hahahaha

It was a beautiful evening... and we were all ready to go!

Finally reached the Asian Civilizations Museum.

THere were alot of paid people who were very well dressed up there. But they were kind of creepy. When we were outside, there was this girl dressed in Qing costume. SHe will see people around and suddenly move forward and ask, "Are you my husband?" Even though she was asking someone some distance away from me.. I also got a shock lor:) hahaha

Pikachi and Ash!

Ace and Lele are very fascinated with this donation box.. you can put a coin in and see how it rolls down. THe boys decided to take out their money to put in. Coin rolled down into the hole within 2 seconds.. dam clever idea for a donation box! hahahaha

First stop we went to take a group photo...

Apparently they will make into a vernacular photo... so when you turn it slightly, the two diff pictures will take turn to appear.

We were wondering why so many pple with nice injury make up.. and realized much later that there was free make up available at level 2..

We went to level two because all the activities were there and it was people mountain people sea... the queue was 30 min long so the mothers went to queue and the boys tried to PLAY there.. I dunno how they intend to nerf gun play among the crowd.. but they tried:) hahaha

THese people really very gao gang lor!

Ace was fascinated with this write your on horror story thingy.. so he went to find a corner to write his own horror story..

It was almost our turn so I asked Ace to join the queue again and he continued drawing the cover of his story book.

 We queued up so we could make the voodoo doll keychain...

 My doll... version 1:)

 Actually we spent so much time queuing and making that by the time we were done, most things were closed:) hahaha

 Ace and his crazy antics:)

 Final version:)

 Ace dancing around when he was done.. hahaha

 Only thing left to do is outdoor viewing of he stars and planets. so we went out to take a look..

 We were lucky that because it was late already there was less lighting and so the ridges on the moon were very clear

 The boys took the chance to play nerf again

 Adults go toilet.. the kids still playing.. really must fully utilize EVERY SECOND they have together! hahahahah

 Finally all the things were closing and we sat outside... and KP said Lele has this silly string thing...and then, the boys started playing with it again!

Ace told me it is the best playdate ever.. (he always says that when he goes out with Lele.. hahaahha) because he got to celebrate halloween, make a craft and play with silly string.. which is his dream come true cos he was been wanting to buy silly string since he was in Dubai!

We almost missed the last train and did not manage to get home lor ... hahaha.. By time reach home almost 1am! Tired and shagged! But super fun! Very thankful for great sport and great company!

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