Saturday, July 02, 2016

New Buffet Place

Max says he read rave reviews about this healthy buffet place called Seasonal Salad Buffet... SO we decided to go give it a try...

I ordered and lunch... only to realize just eating the salad bar is very filling liao.. next time I will just order salad bar..

Ace Chua insisted must order fries... only to find that they have some sort of mashed potato thingy so we dabao the fries, froze them and reheated them using airfryer next day...

Happiness for Ace Chua... he kept going back for more helpings and even found Singapore Noodles! First time I see this dish in Singapore lor:) hahahaha

THe decor here is HEALTHY eating type...

They dun have vegeterian main courses so hor, this one not useful for us but if you group gathering.. can consider..

Strange but really filling selection of salad goodies:)

THis is the potato thing I was talking about that Ace liked.. but I dunno where I can find it.. I think I have seen it in NTUC before:) Maybe when finish the fries I will buy this..

THe highlight of all buffets for Ace is the do it yourself desserts;)

Ace says he wants to come back again... I dun mind too:)

PS: Here are two unrelated things I din know where to post.. so post it here:) hahaha...

 Oh btw, my friend taught me how to make this super easy and nice soup.. it is just soy sauce, vinegar and lao ganma! SEDAP! IT is as good as it looks! hahaha.... Tastes very Chinese..

 Also, I saw a jackfriut drop on the floor....and wonder it is ready to be eaten...

 I have walked past this tree so many times... but I never realized it is a jackfruit tree!:) hahaha

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