Monday, March 27, 2017


Went out for dinner with Ace and he says very long never eat CCF liao..

In case you did not know, CCF is Ace's favorite CHee Cheong Fun..

After requesting Gongong for it as breakfast for so long. He finally changed his order and ordered yellow noodles. But.. if Cay orders CCF.. he says he will eat yellow noodles with CCF sauce... LOL

I think he really loves it for the sauce.. and I have been trying to find the sauce and buy it so we can do the sauce with any noodles he like yong tau hu style...

ANyway, the other day we were out for dinner and he says he never eat CCF for long time and wants to eat it as dinner.

Gave him some money to go buy his CCF and he came back with this humongous plate!

He bought 3 instead of 2 cos he said he super hungry...LOL

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