Monday, March 20, 2017

Present From Sis

When I was most down... my sister is always there to listen to me...
WHen I am most depressed... she is also always there to encourage me...

And when my handphone case pichar.... my sis is the one who bought me not one... but two new covers!

That's what sisters are for!

And given that this gift came at a time when I felt so much pain I almost felt like dying.... I really appreciate the love and the thought that came with it. :) Thanks mei...

THe other day, she was telling me that the coolest school bag she owned was one I bought her when I was working... cos she usually has to use hand me downs..  and I totally had NO recollection of me buying that... and to think she still thinks of it fondly and says it is something she will never forget ;)

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