Thursday, July 27, 2017

Blue Sky

 Went with my colleagues to this intiative by my company called BLUE SKY...

Is go to the riverside to pick litter lor.. they say can wear track shoes to work and I am soooooooooooooo happy to wear my track shoes! Oh the comfort!

 One look hor, you think like.. Ok mah.. clean mah..

Then you go pick then you know it is alot of litter you cannot see lor... small pieces of paper... packaging.. cigarette butts... It is backbreaking work and it almost feels like I am picking up after Ace at home!

I think Ace should try this some day and get how it feels when I have to pick up after him at home... hahahahha

 Even VP also roll up his sleeves to do work lor

 Salute! He went into the water to pick up more litter that is stuck by riverside..

We collected 40kg of litter over a course of a few hours. We were told that this part of the river will only collect rubbish from Singaporeans.... Yes... I even found many JUMBO SEAFOOD wet tissue packets lor!

Next time must bring Ace along! Hahahaha..

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