Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Meet The Teachers

Time to meet the teachers again...

And again, his teacher did not tell us what we do not already know about Ace...

Sigh.. but I must say that the feedback this time round is not really very good...
  • Someone has been tardy... and has not been handing in homework for ALL subjects!
  • Someone has not been handing in the required forms till his teacher had to message me
  • Someone has not been paying attention during class
  • Someone has been writing too illegibly for teacher to know what he is writing.. so will lose marks in exam because of that
  • Someone is great in science, can have excellent discussion with his teacher and surely will get ASTAR if exam held orally. Alas, written one, he wrote long answer for a one mark qn.. end up no time to do 12 marks worth of qn and scored only 60+.
  • Teacher suggested teaching exam techniques to the students who need it but need to commit go reaching school at 6.30am for it! All 3 of us committed to him going:) haha. Max says he will send Ace there himself by car.
  • Math teacher says he has skipped so much homework she does not want to demoralize him and let him slowly catch up with homework..

Ace exam results really went downhill too.

I must say, though I already knew these things... it did not feel good I guess to hear it again from the teachers.

I had a talk with him about it and we agreed he has been spending too much time on his phone and so we agreed that we will keep his phone and he will use his iphone 10 till after PSLE...

But he did tell me that life without his smartphone is hard because it is his destress. I asked him what he is stressed about... and he told me he is stressed about a few things...

- he stressed cos P6 worth is more difficult than P5 
- he stressed cos he says no one wants to be his friend except GH
- he also stressed because he feels like there is something not very well going on between me and his dad and he is stressed when me and his dad are not 100% lovebirds

My friend who is an experienced tutor says.. the last two are excuses though perhaps valid  reasons for stress to him.. he just trying to find excuses to cover tat he is lazy..  cos she says based on experience, the real reason he is tardy is because of the first reason...

She told me that for students who say study is hard and has fear, and especially if they like to play games, this is what she will tell them:                     

Studying is just like playing game... There are a lot of adventures and the adventures are the fun part of it.                    

Just imagine you play this game and it is damn easy, what will you feel... boring right? And for games that are a little bit more tedious, the fun is to go through these hurdles one after another and achieve your goals such as EXP, rare weapons, clear a mountain, clear a field.... blah blah blah... And study, especially studying for a major exam is just like that only. You play enough of this exam game, you also get the hang of it la  

I think good analogy. I must say he did better in the practice papers that we did together afterwards.                
I told him for friends, dun need to worry, sec 1 he will change  and make new friends liao:)

For parents, aiyoh, what happens between parents have to leave it to us lah. It is not really his business whether we are lovey dovey or not leh. He just needs to remember that we both love him very much no matter what and we will try our best to settle our own issues if any. Dun use us as excuse hor. All relationships is got up and down one mah... I told him even me and him will quarrel mah... to which he said "But you and me quarrel 10 min we make up liao mah.." LOL

I told him I cannot promise I will never quarrel or be upset forever with his dad. But I can promise him one thing tat me and his dad and him... we are one team for his PSLE to help him achieve what he wants to achieve and go where he wants to go. And the only thing I can promise is that I will do my very best and give my all to work things out with his dad if there are any issues.

That seems to placate him and hoping that when school reopens, he will buck up!

Anyway, finally saw his group work art piece and took a photo..

Took a photo of this oe cos I think the pikachu is very cute:)

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