Friday, May 12, 2017

Sisters' Act

I have always been rather lucky when it comes to winning stuff;)

Over the years, won quite a fair bit of freebies... free hotel stays, free movie, free baking stuff, etc...

And first time ever, I won myself a Free Broadway Play:)

Actually the whys of how it happened is sort of strange I guess.

It happened on a random day. I was on my way home after "school" (I was taking a ACCDF course- it is an accredited career development facilitator's course). And I was having a very serious discussion with Max about stuff that is happening between us...

It was not a very pleasant discussion, and it set the tone for many unpleasant things that happened after.

But during the discussion, I noticed this sticker that said if you take a photo and posted it with a certain hashtag you have a chance to win a pair of tickets to watch a Broadway musical...  since it has been a while since I watched any, I decided to take part and just took a photo, posted, and sort of forgot about it.

Fast forward to some time later, I received an email telling me that I won! Woohoo!

I thought perhaps, it will be great if I could go watch with Max... and it will be a great chance to spend some time together.. on a date of sorts... and perhaps this can undo some of the things the serious discussion had brought up on the surface. And in doing so, perhaps it will be a full, complete happy circle to what happened.

But I guess life is never how you plan it.

Very near to the date, Max told me he had to work OT on that day and suggested that it might be better that I go watch it with someone else instead because there is a high chance he will be unable to finish work before 6pm.

After some consideration, I decided to invite Annie because she has been such a dear and given me so many yummilicious treats:) And she was so happy because she was just thinking of how she hasnt watched any musicals for a long time when she saw the ad for Sisters Act!)

I even took the effort to dress up and make up. Alas, the shoes had my feet constantly in pain throughout the long walk from MRT to the theatre and back...

Nothing to do.. we just take photo..

The show was ok niah lah.. but given  I havent watched broadway for so long liao.. is not too bad lah:)

But I think I prefered the movie :) hee hee...

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