Saturday, May 27, 2017

SST Open House

You would have remembered how Ace was all excited to go to School Of Science And Technology...

Finally, the time has come where we get to visit the school of his desire..

We visited the SST open house and I think Ace really liked what he saw there.

Before we made our way there... we went to OBean for lunch..

 Ace was trying to get this game to work but it was spoilt..

 So played back the boring game tat we have played 10,000 times before:) hahaha

 Ace ordered this curry rice.. so big he cannot finish wor..

 Me and Max shared the kuay chap... But we both feel the standard drop liao..

Finally reached SST... took a tour around the school.. Surprisingly, Ace was interested in the student forum where we got to listen to student leaders share about their experience in SST and Ace really liked what he heard.

We were sort of surprised tat the canteen food is cheaper than in primary school.. BUt well, the leaders did say that the food is not very good.. Hahahahahaa..

Then he said he wanted to do a workshop and so we waited a little to go into the workshop.

 Learnt how to make a hovercraft...

Final Product!

While waiting for him, we spoke to a teacher there.

We sort of liked what we heard except that Max was not too impressed that there is some sort of hidden elitist thinking.. cos somehow, I think due to the fact that the school fees are higher, and also I mean people who wanna come into this school usually have interest and past experience somewhat in robotics and should have gone for those enrichment classes outside... the students here are more so from well to do families.

I told Max it will be like in Intl School where most parents are at least making a decent living and so the teachers may not need to worry so much about students who are not doing well or having good attitude or able to attend lessons regularly due to difficult situations back home.

But well, I think it is still up to lao tian ye whether Ace will get in since it is DSA and by invitation only.

 For me, I liked it that the students here look happy and they are not shy... That is most important to me ;)

My only worry is that the school so dam far... travel 1 hr to  and from sch everyday is tiring lor..  But Ace says he can take it. But I guess maybe I can try to find a car pool or something.. or just ask his dad to be daddy taxi! LOL

Hopefully, this will instill a spark in Ace and encourage him to work harder:)

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