Monday, March 07, 2016

My Teacher Says I Shao Fei

During the December holidays, Ace has been eating lots and exercising little... and so, he grew round and ended up with a tummy!

And then leh, recently, he has gone back to his usual routine of walking to school, running around during recess and I also had a talk with him about taking good care of our body and he has been not overtly indulging in food as well.

So leh, he lost weight...

The other day, I noticed that his tummy is gone and exclaimed, "Wah, Ace... you look slimmer leh, your tummy is gone..."

"Ya, my tuition teacher also says..."

What did she say?" I asked him...

"她说我少肥了..." he said.


I scratched my head, thought for a while and asked him... "Are you sure your teacher said that??? Did you mean to say she said that 你瘦了????"

"Ya, ya ya... that is what she said.... she said..." (paused to make a face that looks like Wang Laoshi and started to use Wang Laoshi's usual tone...) "严锋,你好好像受了一些..."

Faint lor! I now start to worry... we bought tickets to bring him to the crosstalk show to expose him to cross talk and I wonder if he will understand all the humour in CHINESE?! ;) Hahahahaha...

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