Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Civil Defence Day 2017@ YNPS

Volunteering in Ace's school for their various school activities has been rather fun. It gives me a chance to get to know more people, a chance to learn more things and also have fun with the kids;)

So far I have done volunteering on Sports Carnival, Sports Day, SG Bear Event, Loving Laundry workshop, Craft Workshop, CNY Carnival...

This year, for the first time... I get to take part in their Civil Defence Day celebrations:)

Early morning have to go school to CUT sweet potatoes for them to try as part of the event:)

Hard work to peel and chop into small bite sized pieces and poke toothpick into them..

Tat is 10kg worth of sweet potatoes!

I was  a little worried cos most kids I know DO NOT LIKE to eat sweet potatoes.. BUT all the potaoes were gone! woohoo! Ace told me his classmate ate half a tray! And he also ate a few!

Power of peer pressure I guess.. cos Ace doesnt like to eat sweet potato at all one lor!:) hahahaha

Some parents who couldn't make it for the earlier part joined us later where we had to man the various event booths opened for the students during recess time...

Setting up of the booth.. there was a games booth (which I was assigned to), a photo booth where they can wear various civil defence outfits lent out by the dads to take photo... and even a first aid booth to learn basic first aid... ANd of cos the sweet potato booth for them to experience how war time only got sweet potato and tapioca to eat lor!:)

THis is the game I am in charge of... Some groups, the kids take such a LOOOOOONG time to decide who gets which color pawn! LOL... I dunno wat is the diff lah.. anyway, at the end, everyone gets a prize!:)

The most popular prize....

We were trying out the game before event started:)

My game booth teammates!:)
It was kind of interesting to man the games booth... cos there were all sorts of kids here!

There are those who are follow the rules all the way and cannot take it if others never follow the rules.... so they quarrel with whoever never follow rules.

There were those who heck care with game rules and set their own rules to follow..

There are those who are quiet and passive all the way.. to the point of play game also let other pple roll their dice and help their pawn move!

There are those that are super aggressive one.. want to do everything for everyone and want everyone to listen to them..

Then there is the da ge da and da jie da type who will look out for the small and weak... (cos they are grouped at same table according to where they queue)

There is the Kaypoh type.. refused to play the game but watch and comment this comment that...

Really funny lah these kids!:) And sweetest is that they remembered me from the CNY Carnival:)

All in all, a very fun event to be at:)

Ace wanted to play the game but did not want to queue.. end up he just went to play with his friends and did not do much at the booths:) Maybe he has been to too many of those SAF exhibitions like SAF 50, Army Exhibition, Home Team Carnival this is like too SMALL CASE for him...

 Anyway, the teacher in charge so sweet lor.. even bought us gifts:)

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