Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Ace told me the other day that he was scolded because the teacher thought he was trying to be funny.

Apparently, they are learning how to play rugby during PE lessons now and so his PE teacher taught him some commands... and one of the command was "Focus!"

So they were supposed to repeat... and my overzealous son did it at the top of his voice and as a result, his voice broke halfway and instead of just saying focus, it became "focuuuuuuuuus" in a shrilly voice.

And so his teacher thought he was trying to funny and scolded him.

I asked if he had explained to his teacher why that happened and he said, "He did not even give me a chance!"

Ace was rather indignant about that and said, "Teachers in Dubai are better. Anytime you do something, they will always give you a chance to explain yourself. They dun always assume you are trying to do something wrong and scold you without asking why.."

Remembering certain instances where he complained that his teacher did not believe his explanations when in Dubai, I reminded him that even though he was given a chance to explain, there are times his teacher did not accept his explanation as well.

And remembering those times, he stopped complaining:) hahaha.. But I guess it still feels better that you have a chance to explain yourself...

On a side note, I am thinking that his voice broke because my son is entering puberty though he told me it was cos he was shouting! As he will be turning 12 in a few months time, I am not very surprised. I have noticed that his voice started becoming a little deeper than usual...

Maybe it is time to revisit that book that we read about how your body changes...

OMG, this is happening way to fast! Seems like yesterday that I just held him in my arms as a little baby!

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