Friday, April 29, 2016

Amazing Nature At Our Little Place

It is just sooooooooooooooooo amazing to live here in this estate we are living now.

I have never lived so close to nature before. Here where right in front of us is  huge park that has since been invaded by MRT construction, I have mentioned that I find it amazing to see nature trying to get closer to us all the time... In fact, my house is like a freaking insect cemetry with insects trying their best to come in and DIE..

The other day, we noticed that there were alot of those light moths flying around and as they were rather irritating and I did not have pails of water for them to fly to die inside, I switched off all the lights and turned on the light in the balcony so they will all be attracted to the balcony light.. and after a while I could close the balcony door and keep them OUTSIDE :)

And then our resident lizard who happened to be returning home was just about to come visit when he noticed the buffet party and he promptly went and ate all those silly moths flying about outside... It is always fascinating to me why something that cannot fly can eat up something that flies... I noticed many times the stupid insect will look like it is literally flying right into the mouth of the lizard!

I still havent figured out why:) hahha..

But the lizard dun always have it good either..

The other day, I noticed Mr Lizard wanting to come visit.. but as the construction outside was really very noisy and dusty, the balcony door was closed.. so he was walking around.. and as he walked behind a ball we left in the balcony, a big black crow came.. the crow must have seen the lizard from far cos by the time he flew into my balcony, the lizard was hiding behind the ball near the base... very good hiding place.. or so I thought... till the crow flew in to right where the lizard was and picked it up...

Bye bye lizard... till we meet again!

I think it is BEE season or something.. every week or so, there will be one bee flying into our house during the night. I will ignore him and next morning he will be lying dead somewhere either in the balcony area or living room area...

Not to mention the various species of spiders that love to make webs in my house! There are the flat ones, the round ones.. the long legged ones, and the short legged ones... They have now become a serious problem because I have to vacuum my entire ceiling on a weekly basis because if not they will build webs all over the place and strangely, more webs means more insects... so strange. i tot if you are an insect and you see a web, first thing you do is run away right.. no.. they see a web, they get excited and go right into the web so they can be stuck there and eaten! Oh my poor neck and back whenever I have to do that!

Though I am thankful I get to observe nature at such a CLOSE vantage view ..... I am very sure I will not miss all these little critters when I move into my new house when my BTO is ready! Hahaha!

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