Friday, April 15, 2016

Exchange Program

Ace came home one day and declared that there will be an exchange program and that he will  need to make a card for the student he will be buddying with. I asked him where the student is from and Ace said from HK.

So despite having a full day of supplementary lessons and tuition and homework, Ace insisted on perfecting the design of his card so that he could give it to the buddy the next day..

He says that dragon is from the movie How To Tame Your Dragon...

The next day, he comes home with some toys and I asked him why he has toys with him.. He said they are presents from his buddy and the presents only given to buddies. I asked whether he gave his buddy presents and he said they used class fund to buy some stationary for the few students attached to their class. Hahaha.. I told Ace he very wu hua hor.... buy present use class fund.. take present, he ownself keep...

I asked him why only some of the people had buddies and Ace said that is because you had to volunteer yourself to be a buddy and Mr KPO who likes to volunteer for things of cos volunteered to do this lor.. despite not being able to speak good mandarin:) haahhaa...

Turns out that the buddy is not from HK... he is from Shanghai!

But leh, he is cannot speak very fluent english and Ace cannot speak very fluent Chinese... so leh, is chicken and duck talk. Ace tried to show me how his buddy speaks english and I cannot help but burst out laughing cos he sounds like those comedic stereotypes of how people from China in the olden days speak english (Many PRC chinese speak excellent english now, mind you..)

I think he must be wondering why this yellow skinned boy speak such broken chinese too!:) hahaha

Despite this though, Ace says they did chat and he found out that his buddy's school had a basketball court and a field donated by Liao Ning.. the famous basketball player... and he also found out that his buddy will be going back to his hometown and leaving Shanghai next year.

If you noticed I kept using the phrase "his buddy", it is because Ace does not remember his buddy's Chinese name..("It's too difficult!"  he exclaimed..) Kauz...

Anyway, I asked Ace what did he share with his buddy about himself and he said he shared that he has ever visited shanghai before a few years back but he was unable to articulate exactly what places he has visited while in Shanghai... hahaha ;)

Anyway, his buddy gave him two presents.. one is this fish thingy... but minus the candy. INside instead are little notes.. when we opened up to read.. they say things like, "I am looking forward to visit Singapore.." "Is it very warm in Singapore!"

So cute right?:P

And he also gave Ace a book..

It is some sort of novel.. I think it looks very interesting and it is my goal to read this together with Ace during the school holidays.. Hopefully, it might get him started on getting interested to read chinese books!;)

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