Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I Am So Special

Some time back, we discovered that our little 11 year old has 3 strands of white hair at the back of his head. Max discovered by chance when Ace turned around to disturb cayden while chanting.. But as we were chanting, we made the discovery and told Ace he has got white hair and went right back to chanting and we never talked about it again...

Given that his dad started having white hair at the tender age of 9, I guess Ace is considered some sort of improvement.

But well, it is just three strands and not really obvious unless you are standing right behind him...

Ace came back from school the other day and told me, "Mummy, my friends hor saw my white hair and asked me why I got white hair leh....They asked me if I am very stressed in school...."

"Wow.." I replied. "They can only see if they are very close to you leh.. so observant ah, your friends... But... you very stressed meh? I see you very relaxed leh..." I was careful not to overreact less he thinks white hair is a big deal.

"J told me that I have three strands of white hair.. and that because of that, I must be Sun Wukong, the monkey god!"

Hahahahahaha... And then J told Ace that since Ace is Sun Wukong, he is Tang Sanzhang:)

After we had a good laugh over that, I asked Ace how he felt when people asked him why he has white hair.

Ace said, "Mmm... initially I did not feel good...But now ok lor..."

So I asked him if he would like me to cut it off for him.

Ace paused and thought for 3 seconds and declared, "Don't need lah. I have white hair BECAUSE I AM SO SPECIAL!"

Hahahaha.. 真的非常Ah Q:)

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