Monday, April 11, 2016

Chilli King

 THe other day we were thinking of where to have dinner and Max suddenly decided to bring us to this Thai restaurant in Golden Mile... When we arrived, we realized that it was sonkran :) THe whole floor was wet...

Anyway, we ordered a few of our usual favorites like fried kangkong, veg tom yam soup, fried egg and green curry:)

Ace was so happy to eat the fried kangkong and green curry.. but it was quite spicy and he finished his drink.. Max was sweating non stop even though he declared that this is quite ok for him:)

After he finished his meal, Ace's lips were red and slightly swollen lor:) hahahaha...

We couldnt finish all our tom yum soup... which tasted ok when we started but got really spicy when the spiciness kicked in...

So Max asked Ace to try... and then he took a sip... and another... and another... and another!

Wah! Chilli King!

All in all, the thai food here is not bad... and it is quite authentic:) we will be back:)

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