Sunday, April 03, 2016

QIng MIng.. Is Very Fun!

Time of the year to visit pay respects to the deceased again.

Last last weekend, after lunch, we went to Guang Ming Shan to visit Lao Ma and Lao Gong...  And then afterwards, we went to Mandai to visit Ace's maternal Great Grandfather...

Because in Guang Ming Shan, everything is air conditioned.. so we just went in, spend some time to clean the glass and spoke to Laoma in our hearts and left. Somehow though when I visited her this time, I miss her very much and started crying... Ah Yee and Popo's eyes were also quite red from the crying.

Then when we went to Mandai, there were lots of people burning joss sticks and paper there... and so Ace started doing his 十万个为什么 and asked me why are people burning things, what are they burning, why they poke the incense on the huat kway, why this why that...

So I had to explain to him about Qing Ming and what are the beliefs and why people are burning things.. Popo who was sitting in our car overheard and chipped in that the huat kway were used to hold the joss sticks so they can burn upright.

"However, Zeng Popo used to use sliced cucumbers to do the same thing.." Hahaha... I guess that makes more sense since I would think cucumbers are cheaper than huat kways:)

Fast forward to one week later when we went to pay respects to Max's grandfather....

Ace has been going to pay respects since young and is quite familiar with what is happening or what to do..

This year, his cousin , C, decided to join us for the first time and Ace excitedly told her... It is very fun one! Can fold things (You know how you need to fold the paper money into ingots like origami?) and can burn things! (And then you need to burn them afterwards)"


I did not know burning things and folding ingots are considered FUN :)

Anyway, I havent been folding those ingots for a while and forgot how to do it.. usually we will follow SHUSHU's lead... but Shushu was not there that day and Ace actually remembered how to do it and showed all of us how to do it:)

Shushu, 你后继有人了... you have a successor!:) hahahaha...

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