Friday, September 02, 2016

Meeting With The Girls

 Happened so that everyone was free... so my group of girlfrens decided to meet up and gather...

 Did my hair with my birthday present.. see, got improvement right? This one I did in 3 min flat:)

So Max brought Ace out to some new place... they say is nice.. and will bring me again another time..

 But daddy complained tat this is what was happening through most of the meal..

 The food looks good:)

 Meanwhile while waiting for the girls (I was there early), I walked around the new Uniqlo in Orchard.... saw this on sale and took photo to send to Max and ask if he wanted to buy cos the material like quite comfy.. BUT he says, "So uncle.." Hahahaah.. But he is already uncle mah..

 We contemplated going to this cafe.. cos it looked cute.. but the food is very ex lor..

 I guess now that I have this photo... I can say I have been there done tat:)

 I think our artistique tea set looked nicer:) Hahahaha

In the end, we wandered around and came to this jap place tat sold matcha desserts!:)

 My order:) Nice?

After that I arranged to meet Max and Ace for dinner lah.. intially we wanted to go Classic Lao Difang.. in the end, the boys say wanna go eat vegetarian sushi... so I made my way to Fortune Centre where the Jap restaurant is...

 THis si the dish they say is VERY nice and that I MIST TRY.. it is some deep fried stuffed mushrooms  with cheese on top and bbq sauce.. so you can guess why Ace thinks it is very good:)

 Vegeterian tempura..

Oh forgot to mention that KP passed me the sweet potatoes she helped me buy tat were on sale. I think  I am going to make them into sweet potatoe fries:)

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