Monday, September 26, 2016

Trying Out New Veg Food

 A friend told me there is good veg food at CT Hub and I remembered that when I sent Ace there for some lessons, there was indeed a vegetarian restaurant... but I remembered it as being quite ex.. so we did not think about going there..

So since people tell me it is good... we decided to go lah..

Turned out that they sort of revamped their menu and prices too...

 I had kway chap:) Share with Max... Heee...

 And Ace had laksa and he says it is good.. Next time, he says he wants to try their burger...

Funny thing though is that Ace ordered Milo Dinosaur and it was served in a beer cup for the brand called Arrogant Bastard Ale... Hahahahaa.. so funny!

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