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Family Trip To Genting & KL: Day 2A Fashion Forest Walk

View from our room when we woke in the morning... Max says he can wake up to this view everyday:)

Here is a video of the amazing view...

We were wondering why it is always so cloudy in Genting all the time.. apparently like Hawaii, the geography of the place creates these clouds that give this place it's good weather and beautiful view..

Misty forest looks like it is filled with secrets!

Went to hotel restaurant to eat breakfast.. kind of sad selection..

The sibeh sian Ace eating cereal...

I finally found something decent and let Ace taste.. he says not bad and also went to get some for himself..

Went back after breakfast and suddenly... the fog is so bad cannot see anything!

Time to report for the walk..saw more pitcher plants...

Ace excitedly came to me and said there is something inside!

I am really amazed sometimes.. he saw this picture and started rattling off some facts about this type of lizard.. source of info? Youtube... hahahha

We met up and hopped on onto their ride..

They drove us further up the mountain.. I saw  the IBA sign earlier and wondered wat it meant... so it means Important Bird Area! hahahahaha.... sibeh funny lor!

Finally reached the starting point of our "walk"...

We were each given a walking stick to help us along... my fren says is Gai Bang's da gou bang! hahahaha... If tat is the case, I guess you can say this is my 丐帮帮主,您老公! hahahahah..

Halfway through our journey in the car which was driven by Pat, Eddie's wife, Eddie joined us by standing at the side like what Ace is doing now.. so Ace is trying out standing at the side:) hahaha

We were talking about snakes in the car and they said there is one in the shed and brought us to see...

THe circled part is where the snake is hiding.. it has been there for some time.. Dunno hiberating or wat..

Then time to prepare to go into the forest..

Havent gone into office already see first insect... such a pretty moth.... never seen one in this color before! Albino moth.. haha:)

Watch it move here!

They tried to sell us and say tat the Fashion FOrest Walk is cool cos whole area no internet but there is internet in the forest! So apparently, you can come into the forest and scan the QR code to learn about the tree or area you are looking at. In future they are thinking of adding cameras to track the activities of animals inside the forest too.

But when we arrived... sorry, only wifi available for our guides... We were told there are pokestops in the forest.. really, niantic... pokestops in the middle of nowhere with no wifi? hahahaha

Before we got started.... our guides told us to put our pant leg into the socks and sprayed something that they say will stop the leeches and slow them down in biting us so we have time to remove them..

WHen Ace heard "leeches", he looked like he made up his mind not to go liao :) hahahaha..But LL.. still gotta go:)

Into the forest we go!

Noticed there is lots of bamboo and our guide told us there are a few varieties of bamboo found in this forest. The one in the picture above is curved bamboo...

Our guide, Eddie, explaining to us about the animals we might see in the forest.... we did not see any during our walk but apparently there are different types of birds and monkeys here...

The guide said the misty look like this is called Chocolate Forest... I dunno why chocolate leh..But it does look quite nice..

Max telling a story about some adventure he had in the past when he went trekking...

Ace's face is cos he is scared leeches will bite him:) hahahahaa

Lots of berries and fruits to be found here...

Another curved bamboo!

Termites... eeeee....

More termites...

Thanks to our guide Eddie for taking pics of us every now and then.. so you see me in some of the photos:) hahaha.. if not you will only see trees and Max or Ace:) hahahaa

So when you scan your QR scanner on the QR code, it will give you info about hornbills like how they sound like etc...

What is so exciting? Why is everyone taking photos? ;)

That is me taking a photo of Ace...

This is the photo I took:) Good to have many phone cameras taking photos at the same time:) hahaha

Do you see all these "rocks" on the floor? Make a guess what they are...

They are from the frankincense plant.... It is a fav of the middle easterners and they like to burn this for it gives off a unique smell. I hate the smell though... Apparently, can cook also and eat... and is good for regaining youthfulness... I rather grow old than eat this though.. Haahahaha.. Cos I really dislike the smell...

This prickly thing.. to my surprise... is actually RATAN!

After you peel of the prickly bark and treat it.. can make into furniture....

There are lots of broken trunks and they just leave it there and try not to change the forest as much as they can...

First leech attack!

But hor, the funny thing is this... leeches keep appearing on Max's shoe at first... and he was in tshirt and shorts... me and Ace all wrapped up.. in the end we were bitten ... but not Max..

Must take photo for reference!

Uncle Eddie taught Ace how to remove the leech.. you gotta tick it with your fingers and put on palm side.. skin is tough, they cannot puncture through.... and then you roll them into a ball and flick them far away...

Here is a video on how to do it!:)

Looks easy but when I saw a leech on me.. all I could do is SCREAM! hahahahaha

Here is another video of a leech tat will make you go EEEEEEEe...

Another type of ratan..

THis one can make into cane to beat someone's backside when he is naughty!

Discovered these silvery mushrooms...

THey are spongy to touch..

Theses are the leaves of some sort of berry plant..

Looking out for Bat Head Lily.. but cannot find... So special this flower...

Saw this sign and asked.. what is Maria Carey Pergola.. apparently they just have different parts of the forests with pergolas made by the plants... and they name it after famous people that it is interesting:)

Here is super tall tree.. again, cannot take pic of the whole tree in one pic.. so I just take video..

All the tall tall trees tat I cannot take photo one.. I just take video.. hahaha

Went through a patch with alot of dead leaves.. usually if you walk through these areas will see leeches... saw quite a few... this video makes my hair stand lor...

More bamboo!

Another interesting name Pergola:)

Base of a super huge and tall tree...

I dun understand hor.. why the bamboo still green but the shoots look totally dried out and dead liao...

Max found another leech!

Found lots of acorn tops.. Ace asked where are the bottom..

Finally found one bottom...

THey even have a board for you to check the leaf shapes of the leaves you saw...

Or the shape of the trees you see..

This is the type of flooring tat you will kenna leech...

Model bai pose... hahaha

Saw another colourful moth..

Tree with a hole in the trunk.. looks like it is starting to rot liao..

Saw am interesting bug:)

Was trying to get shot of plant but end up got shot of Pat, Eddie's wife:) hahaha

Tis moth with see through wings we took alot of photos of.. cos I never see before..

That is me trying to take photo of the moth:) haha

Max was trying to hold the plant so we could all take clearer pictures;)

Then we had to veer into the side of the path so there is no clear path and lots of wet ground.. and it was a climb up and down alot of slopes.. Ace fell down 2-3 times lor.. I also almost fell a few times and it is when we were here tat Ace and me got our leech bites..

Max pretending that he wants to eat the termites..

Video of more termites!

Max keep laughing at me and Ace... cos we dam useless.. panting and falling all the time.. hahaha..

This is quite special... two trees entwined and hugged this tree and as it grew, I think that tree being hugged could not keep up and then died and the bottom part rotted...

THere is also this tree with lots of big roots:) They even gave the trees names:) Haha..

I think they named this tree Adam cos they say the tree looks very masculine...

I took pic of these cos the leaves so nice.. heart shaped ones:)

Super prickly ratan!

This mushroom looks like jelly fish!

Fallen tree! Must thank the tree for falling cos because of this tree, this part of the forest is not so warm and is more windy cos got wind pocket for the wind to travel...

Dunno wat sort of roots... look like ginger..

This one they named Eve... To be honest they all look the same to me.. hahaha:)

Hard to take photo so took picture again..

The mushroom pic looks nice right.. wait till you see the video..

Can see my sweat? shiong!

See these outer coverings of baby shoots? This shows that monkeys were here and eating... you will also smell the smell of like urine or something.. I think monkeys live in this area..

Aunty Pat says there are leeches on her shoes and asked Ace to flick off for her....

We finally came out of the slopes and back on the main track.. and by then, Ace is already very good. He was walking fast and ahead of us and he navigated to find the way out... Aunty Pat keeps saying he is very pro now:) hahaha

Saw this dunno wat thing flowing out from the plant. Very gooey.. like glue like tat..

I screamed when I saw a leech on my sock.. Eddie came to my rescue.. when he pulled it out.. it was painful.. for a while.. and then itchy.. then ok liao.. After tat hor, through the whole trip I became super sensitive... keep feeling like something biting me...

I went home took out my sock then found a dead leech inside also.. so I kenna bitten two holes instead of one..

Totally sahgged out after the trip... hahaha

Took the car back to convenience store at hotel to buy a drink.. check out the sweat lor!

THe milo tab on my can of milo so cute one...

Chillax and chat chat abit..

Since there is a golf course nearby, Eddie brought us to this machine for pple to wash shoe one.. got water and air blast tat will wash and blow away the soil...

Group photo for memory's sake:)

Saw this dragonfly but too bad I not fast enough to take more photos.. took one photo and it flew off..

I took this photo cos of the plant.. and also cos of this..

Can you see the spiderweb with water droplets on them?

My "souvenior" hahaha

View from our room change again...

In retrospect.. Max says he did not find the trekking too fun cos he says it was kind of boring for him since he is not new to this. But it was an interesting experience for me. Cos I am a city girl:) Never go forest before one! As for Ace... I think he doesnt really like nature related stuff unless got small animals:) hahahahaa...

I am glad we tried something different though:)

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