Sunday, April 30, 2017


Started cooking again now that I have more time....

 Still havent mastered the taste and missing Dai Gor's beancurd with brinjal much. I wish I asked him for his recipe before I came home!

 But I had a new discovery! Stir fried zuchinni actually tastes pretty good!:)

 Because I had so little things left in my kitchen... I put little of what  had together and made baked marcaroni for the first time using the air fryer:) Not bad!

 The other day had a lazy dinner.. took out all the lovely foods our friends bought for us from Japan and fried and egg to make up one meal:)

 Healthy meal :)

 Ace asked for a sandwich the other day... so I made his favorite... SUBWAY wannabe

 Made laksa fried rice the other day... but I realized tat laksa fried noodles is better than the rice.

Made zuchinni fried "noodles"... Looks so far so good;) hahaha

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