Saturday, April 22, 2017

Nook And Cranny And Visiting Laoma And Laogong

As Qingming is here again and it was the death anniversary of Laoma, our family decided to go Bright Hill to visit her.

Before that, we had to think of a place to eat and Max naturally thought of our friends' cafe, Nook and Cranny, which was nearby.

Last time I was here I tried the hot matcha.. this time, I am trying the cold one.. and it is super yummy!:)

My matcha after I poured in the matcha concentrate.. yumz!

Ace had Mac and Cheese with onsen egg..

Mine... cheese rolled up in chicken and bacon...

Couldn't help but tear when I saw my grandma and grandpa.

Because I am in a difficult time of my life, I made them a promise that I will do my best to lead  a good, happy life no matter what happens so that they need not worry about me.

I hope I can keep this promise...

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