Monday, April 10, 2017

My Bao Bao

During CNY, I realized that I do not have any decent looking or new looking bag I could carry for CNY... so I thought that I am going to buy a bag.

The baobao seemed versatile and light and I thought abt getting a baobao inspired bag cos the original is way beyond my budget...

While we were in vietnam, I saw lots of stalls selling and so I bought.. TWO;)

Finally got a chance to use them and since I had nothing to do the other day... I decided to take video of how one of my bags could change colour..

I have decided though.. after going shopping for LV bag with my friend, that when I do get back to work, I am going to buy one NICE BAG for myself!:) Hahahaha...  Yes.. branded... And yes, few thousand dollars.

Max dun understand the rationale of ex bags.. But men dun understand tat every woman needs ONE GOOD BAG:) Lol

For now, I have my eyes set on this...the LV Girolta Noir but it is almost 5K sing... slurp...

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