Sunday, April 09, 2017

Model Again

Ace has been modelling since young... Ok is actually he ownself like to pose.. (He actually did informally act as model once for his godma's music school...)

So our friend Justin messaged Max one day and asked if he could borrow Ace to be his model. He started a new football academy and needed a model for his brochure.

Max said OK.

But hor, he forgot that at this age, Ace wants to have a say too..

Ace said he did not want but we told him since Papa already said OK, we have to honor our promise.. and we dragged him along for a haircut.

Then leh, Uncle Justin also underestimate how much Ace has grown since he last saw him.. so he brought along the jersey he wanted Ace to wear but it was a little too small... so end up, Ace had to keep sucking in his tummy!:) LOL LOL LOL...

And happen so Jon Jon gave him soccer boots and so he used them in this shoot:)

Actually I think the pictures are very nice leh.. I dunno why he keep saying dun let pple see these pictures...

If you are interested to attend soccer lessons with a good coach, why not give Hatrick Academy a try? ;)

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