Friday, April 28, 2017

Play With Me

I always tell anyone who will listen.. that my son has a gift of innocence...  He has the ability to play with ANYONE of ANY AGE....

Even now as he approaches teenage and gets all angsty and emo alot of times, when he chooses to, he still can play lots of games with kids many years younger than him. The chinese calls this 赤子之心 and I hope he will remember this gift and use it wisely and frequently. I have found the heart of a child gives the most joy... and the most comfort....

As my nephew is still young, almost every other week, when he sees me, he will come to me and ask me, "Yee yee can you play with me?" And we will play with cars, playdoh, pretend to cook... Sometimes Ace gets interested and joins in but now that he has a phone and access to Popo and Nainai's tablet, his favourite hobby when he is there is just to play with those things.

And so I thought my son has finally moved on to doing things on his own. It is kind of a difficult thing to get used to... given that my life was kind of built around my son and husband. Now that son has phone to engage him...and father has all sorts of activities he wants to do (cos he has more active social life than I do here in Sgp), I actually find myself at home, feeling bored and lonely often. Guess it is also my fault that when my friends try to date me, I many times will reject them because I thought this time spot is good time to spend family time with Ace and Max. So I kept it reserved thinking we could go for dinner or do something as a family together.

But what I forgot is that my son and my husband don't really know that I reserved this time for them and as a result, many a times, everyone still goes about doing their own thing and I end up at home, playing Candy Crush. :)

I guess all mothers who have children growing up will go through this phase.. .especially if they are kind of a stay home mum like me.

Imagine my surprise when my son came to me the other day and asked me to "Play with me, mummy!"

And I jumped at the chance of course:)

So Ace came up with this game using the glass pebbles we have.. you have to build a fortress and shoot the other person's KING away from the throne.

No prizes for guessing who won:) Hahaha..

Me lah.. But I was just lucky.

Though I ended up with a sore finger (cos the pebbles were really heavy and you need to flick them hard to make them travel a long distance), I was happy to recapture the joy of doing something together with my son.

PS: We found new bonding activity. We are now watching Big Bang Theory and anime together and it is quite enjoyable because now Ace understands the jokes and we can discuss the storyline together.

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