Saturday, August 29, 2015

Angel's 38th Birthday

 My birthday got off to a healthy start when Max bought me a Hurom Juicer:) hee...

But tat was quite some time before my birthday and then as it approached... I started to recieve more presents ;)

 My hao jie mei Jez bought me a HK hard drive.. cute boh!? Comes with a pink pouch too!

 On the day of my Chinese birthday, which happened the day before my ang moh birthday.. it happened so that my good frens KP, Linda and GH were free and we arranged to meet up.. Since we got married and had families, it has been really hard for all four of us to meet up.. it was really great tat we could sit and chat and celebrate my BD over some lovely desserts:)

Then leh, because I forgot to bring my key... in the end, I was unable to go home. Max was out with friends and I was totally expecting him to come fetch me from my mum's place. But hor, I waited and waited and waited.. he just disappeared..

And then he also did something jackass... He exchanged phone with his friend and they each messaged each other's wives. And his friend messaged me something along the lines of "Stop disturbing me..." Made me so mad lor. One look I can tell not my husband lor... But wat made me even angrier was tat when I called Max and he picked up the call... and I asked about who was it that was messaging me rubbish, he just passed the phone over to his friend! It took all my willpower not to scream at his friend and call him all sorts of names....

And then leh, next day Ace has swimming lessons early in the morning. I expected since he did not pick me up, he should come pick us next morning.. I waited and waited again.. called and called 100000 times but no one picked up the call... in the end, I was so late I had to take a cab home.... So by time I reached home, I was fuming mad but all Max could do after a long drinking night was sleep.. which made me really upset lor.. wat a great birthday present!

 But leh, the episode also had its good parts... because I stayed  over at my mum's place, I received yet another birthday present!  A lovely breakfast from my dad:) hahahahah..

 And then finally after zzzzing for a long long time, someone woke up and said he will bring us out to lunch. We passed by a Bollywood Cafe which we used to frequent and decided we will go there and see if we can find our fav gobi manchurian:)

Alas, when we went into the cafe, we realized that they do not serve gobi manchurian.. but we found a few things tat reminded us of dubai and placed our orders...

 This one is fried veggie platter.. I dunno wat it is called.. it is something like indian tempura I guess:)

 We were so excited when we found mooli prata... BUT... it din taste very good lor.. so sad.. I miss Dubai.. and I miss RAVI, our favourite pakistani breakfast place in Dubai!!!

 They even had poori.. but no sweet halwa to go with it... Am a little tempted to make my own since my dubai neighbour, Veena, taught me how.. But I wondered if I can actually airfry it... hahahahhaa:)

 Creative Ace ate his poori an made a face out of it...

Well, I can only say the Bollywood Cafe must be different from the one we went to last time cos the food not really nice... It was nice to think of Dubai though..

 Then when I reached home, hubby said he had a surprise for me.. I was totally not expecting this!

You know Max has never been very good at keeping secrets.. sometimes is he too excited... and blurt it out in advance... a few times is cos Ace is bao toh kiah and he made mistake of trusting Ace can keep secrets.. hahahaha

 I was quite touched cos hor actually when we got married and were buying our wedding rings, we saw this really nice tennis bracelet and I really liked it but it will bust our budget lor.. cos so many diamonds... and so leh, we did not buy it.. I am touched cos Max remembered that and bought me one now:)

Lest you get too excited.. this is simulated diamond:) since we discovered simulated diamonds, we have never looked back:) hahahaha... Max says if these were real diamonds, this bracelet would have cost him 5 figure lor...

Anyway, a friend asked me why bracelets like these are called tennis bracelets. I did a google search and found out it is cos someone wore it to a tennis match and lost it.. hahahah:)

 I asked Ace what about him.. wat is his present for me and he made this for me:) He kenna suan left right and centre when he cannot remember me and his dad's birthday lor.. hahaha.. I told him I am going to forget his birthday next year! wahahahaha...

We came home, rested and then went out for dinner together after Ace's tennis lessons... 

Max's choice is Al Forno in east coast..

 Told Max I finally can also take photo and show off my wrist.. cos he always takes watch photos when we are out celebrating! hahahahah

 Tried to do a wefie but the very tired Ace who was tired out after one swim lesson and another 2 hr tennis lesson just couldnt bring himself to smile as he was hungry as well...

 Food finally arrived:)

 This bottle looked so nice we brought it home:) hahaha

 Since he ate this in Italy.. Max has been ordering this everytime we go to an Italian restaurant... but so far, nothing matches the ones freshly made tat he ate in italy..

 Interestingly, Ace loves to eat the cheese as well:)

 Ace says want to take photo for me..

 My crabmeat pasta..

 Ace had the usual mushroom white sauce pasta..

 Max ordered the italian "curry pok" and underestimated the sheer size of it!

 Max was soooooooooo full... and we were not even done yet!!!:)

 Ace said he had room for dessert and so we ordered an ice cream.. dunno why he chose lemon flavour...

 And it came frozen inside a lemon!

 Me and Max shared something more traditional.. tiramisu:)

 The lemon ice cream was super sour! LIke the SUPER LEMON sweet.. only.. it is frozen! hahahaha

 That is my "thank you for the lovely day" kiss:)

Next day.. celebrated at my mum's place with a simple cake:)

 Ace said he had another present for me.. he played Agario with the name Angel's bday.. hello, what sort of present is this?? hahahahahhaa... want to play game say lah... dun jia jia..

 Few days later, group of friends gathered to mass celebrate birthdays:) hahahaha

 Brought Ace along..

 And Max too as he was also celebrating birthday:)

 Got BD cake...

 Even got present lor:)

My present was a flower.. but i dunno why I dun have a photo of tat:) hahahhaa..

My other hao jie mei, Veron, gave me this talcum powder from crabtree and evenlyn tat smells heavenly! Even Ace said it smells very nice!!!

 Such a happy day:)
 I realized the diamond so shiny under different lights.. so tried to take photo... I think FAIL..

Few days later, my walking buddy, Cons, gave me a coin purse she made herself.. so nice lor.. made herself leh.. and quality so good and so useful too...  can put coin, put mrt card... can hook to a lanyard... I asked her how she know tat my key pouch spoil liao.. and she laughed and said she is actually not so observant lah.. hahahaha :) But leh, I still really appreciate lah.. If you also like this, you might want to buy from her in Carousell... THere are other nice designs too:)

I also got a nice dress from my sister :)  She said when she saw the dress, she immediately went.."Angel sure will like!" And I do! It is a black dress with a sequinned bear.... Max asked if my sis bought tat on purpose knowing that he is a BEAR (since his name is Shixiong and that is my nickname for him when we were dating)

And so, that is how I celebrated the 38th year of my existence on planet earth:)

PS: Bu Xiao Zi

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