Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Another Soka Friend

Ace went to his JPD meeting and discovered that his tablemate in school is also a soka member!

The best part is this... both boys have been attending the same monthly meetings for the past year in 2015 lor!

So.. both boys have attended the meetings and know there is this other boy who also goes to the same school but they did not speak at all to each other at all during meetings.

Then fast forward to 2016.... they were in same class and sitting together and it did not register in Ace's mind that this is someone he already knew....

Finally when he went to this meeting and met him there, he was like.. "Hey! It's you!" And then all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for him.

The best part is, even this little boy also only realized that Ace is a soka member at THIS meeting! wahahahahaaha... is it cos boys are just blur by nature?:P

So I asked him if they talked more now that they know they have double connection...

"Yah, we kept talking to each other through the meeting because hor, in class, we dun have chance or time to talk at all..." hahahahaa

I teased Ace and said, "Is he stressed to sit next to the class monitor?" And Ace to my surprise, Ace said he actually asked him this question about whether he is uncomfortable to sit with Ace before and the boy's reply is.. "Of course not, I am perfectly ok with it.."

Wonder if this is another blossoming friendship. I havent heard Ace talk about his friends so much these days and wonder if his bros still meet up and play during recess or what...

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