Monday, January 04, 2016

First Day Of School In P5

Ace and our new Ice Watch clock:)

This time round, I think Ace is quite ready to get started in P5.

Two weeks before school started, someone already sorted out his books, wrote names in them and packed his bag!

Two days before school reopened, we went to the school website to see who will be his form teacher. We found the name of his form teacher and his co-form teacher but Ace found their names to be unfamiliar.

To be honest, I was a little apprehensive. I think Ace finished 2015 beautifully but it took him a while to adjust and fall in love with his P4 teachers and as P5 is actually a critical year, I was praying hard that he will get teachers that suit his "style" so he can fall in love with them earlier:) hahaha....

For Ace's character, I feel that a younger teacher who allows children to be themselves instead of following a mould will be more suitable for him. Someone who is fun and engaging with the class will usually motivate him to chiong... so I hoped he accumulated good karma to meet someone like that this year.

Ace says he wishes he will get his P3 teacher Mdm M as his form teacher again cos he really enjoyed her classes.

And then leh, he was up bright at early and went to school. We walked to school and I filled him in on his current fav TV show, Empress Qi's storyline cos he had to go to bed early. As we walked, our hearts were filled with excitement and some apprehension...

After he went to school, I sat down, enjoyed my game of Tsum Tsum... and slept:) hahahahaha.. shiok!

But I felt apprehensive for him cos I kept wondering what sort of teacher he is going to get. Last year, he got a more traditional teacher and it took him 9 months to learn to appreciate his teacher for who she is... and once he does, his attitude towards learning and also his results saw a marked improvement..

When he came home, I noticed that he looked very happy.

I asked him if he had seen his form teacher in school before and he said he did. Anyway, he says he is very happy... because his form teacher is a young chap who is fun but firm.(Ace says "My teacher's loves One Piece like Shushu! So I figure is young and in Shu Shu's generation.. haha) The teacher told the students not to mess with him or he will become a monster... hahahaha... Ace said, "So in a way, my wish came true cos Mr L is like Mdm M.... and he will be teaching me English, Math and Madam M did.."

And though his chinese class has the same usual suspects, they have a new chinese teacher Mdm O whom I found out won a Caring Teacher Award... so she is also like his previous favorite chinese teacher, Mr S....

When I asked him if he spent time chatting with his friends about what they did over the school holidays, he said they did not have much time to chat as they spent most of their time greeting each other.. "Hey bro, whats up?" And so many BROs to whats up with.... so no time to chat.. hahahaha...

And then I asked him if he did any buddy thing for the P1s and he told me that they are assigned to a class and only for the muslim students they ask for volunteers. Non muslims can choose to buddy whoever they want and so he volunteered. I asked him why he volunteered and he said it was cos other people did not volunteer.. so he volunteer lor...

And I asked him how was the experience and how is his buddy and he said his buddy is very talkative little boy who talks like machine gun. But his buddy did not want to eat yesterday and today also din want to eat, so he brought him to the teacher and the teacher persuaded him to eat some light snack.

"I asked him... you sure you dun want to eat? And he said.. But I already had breakfast why must eat again... and so I told him.. but you will be hungry later because we will go home late.. but he insist he dun want to eat.. so I bring him to the teacher lor..." Ace said.

When asked how he found the experience, he grudgingly replied.. "Like that lor.... bring him go buy food.. bring him here, bring him there..." He did not look too excited with the whole program.. so I thought I will help him do better by reminding of how he can pay it forward.

I asked him if he remembered how he felt on his first day of school in Horizon and in YNPS...  or even on a 1 day immersion program when he went to Camp At Home and how his friends and buddies made all the difference for him... so I explained the buddy system is also to help the P1 student feel like they have more friends and that they have help.

I told him it is "brother practice" for him to practice how to be a better gor gor:) hahahaha... and he said he already practiced when playing with Cay. And then I told him it is also leadership practice... hahahaha....

Sidetrack a little... Since we were talking about Cayden, I also reminded him that he has been rather impatient with Cay recently and that I think the next thing he can train himself is how to tell Cayden to stop doing something without getting upset himself. To which Ace replied with mock exaggeration.. "Aw man! That is impossible!" hahahahahaa...

Anyway, I think P5 seems quite exciting. When Ace came home from first day of school, he told me they are going to decorate their classroom for CNY and after that, they will be doing minecraft theme for the whole classroom.

But leh, next day, Ace said they are changing the theme because someone suggested a even better theme.. which is DIVERGENT. So as there are 4 rows of desks in the class, each row will be named after a different faction. Ace is in the Abnegation group. He said most people wanted to be Dauntless but they had to scissors paper stone to get the right to the name.. in the end, they decided upon Abnegation since Duantless was too much in demand...

Ace said that their teacher said they will have to work in a group and if anyone created trouble, the leaders get to decide if they want to kick this person out and if they do, this person will sit in the factionless chair.. and will become factionless and so he will have to sweep the floor and do class duty:) hahahaah....

Sounds like P5 is going to be quite fun!:)

Oh yes, and there was homework on the first day of P5 but unlike last year where he will complain there is ALOT of homework whenever he has 2 pages of homework, he now keeps telling me he has very little homework and that he can finish fast... and he even told me he already started doing and did some in school:) Wow! I am impressed:) My little boy has grown and become more mature:)

Oh... on the first day of walking to school, we saw lots of mushrooms that sprouted on the field we walked past..

Ace says too bad they cannot be eaten... hahaha

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