Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Simple Meals Before Hawaii

As I was going off to Hawaii, I was on a mission to finish all the foods we bought that might expire soon so that father and son can choose to eat out if they want to.

Still had some slices of flat bread left over and so decided to make a wrap... Put veg otah, lettuce, tomatoes and added mayo to it... delicious!:)

Ace said though that he prefered it with egg so I made him one wiht egg.

Ace loves the small round cheese we usually eat as appetizers... and so when we saw a packet in NTUC, we bought one and even bought balsamic vinegar to go with it :) YUMMY! We are so going to buy it again.. but cannot buy all the time cos very expensive... hahaha:)

Made him some japanese style alio olio to go with it:)

Anyway, because I was going to Hawaii and my SIL going to vietnam before I was due to return, we had a super early reunion dinner:)

Ace was so happy to cook the mushrooms for everyone again...

On the day before I left for Hawaii, we went to Tall Girl's Chinese Restaurant to eat and we ordered a coke to share and I got a HUAT HUAT HUAT can of coke!:) yipee! Huat ah! This year should be a good one!

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