Monday, January 11, 2016

I Learnt My Lesson Liao

 The other day, Max said he will not be home for dinner and since we were out for guitar lessons, I asked Ace if he wanted to eat out... and of course, the answer is a resounding "YES!"

After some discussion we decided we will eat Saiyzeria.. (Ace initially wanted to eat Thai Express but I told him that will cost about $50 given he will want this and that there and I am saving up for something and asked if he can eat something else...)

Ace ordered his favorite there and before he added his chilli, I reminded him not to make the same mistake THREE TIMES and add too much...

To which he replied, "I know.. I learnt my lesson liao..."

And so he added less.. But seems that it was still a tad too spicy:) hahaha ;)

Since we are there, just spend time there.. blow aircon.. drink free flow soft drinks and do homework lor;) hahaha


Got this type of lazy bum or not.. asked Ace to practice guitar the other day and our good fren actually practiced with the guitar cover still on it.... BTH....

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