Thursday, January 14, 2016

MP Material?

I think hor, my son has MP material leh... hahahaha...

The other day, I was chatting with Ace about his new class and he said that they have formed a new chatgroup on whatsapp. He told me that he had wanted to gather all the numbers of everyone in the class to start the chatgroup but he had no time to do that... and then one girl volunteered and so he gladly let her do it

I told him that is called delegation and a good leader will know to delegate jobs so that he has time to do other more important things:)

"Yeah, mummy.. I wanted to start a chatgroup.. but I dun have time to go gather the phone numbers of everyone.. so when she offered, I let her do lah.. my job is just to make sure she does the job well and check that she added everyone in..."

And then I asked him if he played with his P4 classmates and he says he spends most of his recess with them. "So how do you build bonding with your new classmates?" I asked him.

"Oh... I got talk to them mah.. I bond with then when I walk around the class and tell them what to do...." He said.

"Erm... Ace, telling people what to do is not communication leh.. No one build bond hearing what you tell them to do.. people only build bond when they feel you care and understand them...."

"No lah mummy.. I ask them nicely... like "Excuse me, can you please xxx..' I am not like Mrs R who go like 'You cannot do this! You cannot do that!' I know one.."

I told him ask nicely is still ask people to do things...

"I also will walk around the house and stop by their table and chat with them..."

Suddenly I feel like my son thinks he is an MP or wat... and a PAP one too! *wink*:) hahahahahahahaha....

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