Thursday, January 07, 2016

Nai Nai's Birthday

It is Nainai's birthday and we were discussing what to eat to celebrate.

As Yeye and Nainai had just returned from a trip to Malacca and did not get to eat the famous seafood there due to a super long queue, Yeye's eyes lit up when we suggested going to eat seafood. Max suggested going to the Changi Yatch Club to eat and so we made arrangement to meet and go together.

Alas, when we arrived, we found out that the restaurant is closed. Since we are already there, just go take some pictures lah.

This boat had me in stitches.... It is called LIM PEH! Hahahaha

Also found a boat tat has my name:)

Drove over to the nearest Jumbo ad Ace was so excited to see a koi pond:)

Nainai deciding what she wants to eat..


Ace looking away when the drunken prawns were served cos he says so horrible to see them..

After we finished eating, Ace felt bored so I went with him to feed the koi..

And then it was time to go home:)

I am glad Nainai and Yeye enjoyed themselves very much:)

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