Thursday, September 03, 2015

Inside Out
Heard from y friends that the movie, Inside Out is very good and because I am a student of Psychology of Vision and always keen to explain emotions to people.. especially my son, have decided our family MUST make a family outing to watch this movie!:)

Before the movie, we went to have dinner at the food court.. Ace wanted to pose with his favorite drink- 100 PLUS.. hahahaha :)

The very sua ku Max discovered tat foodcourts here have those MALA stir fried stall and fell in love with it!

He loves spicy foods and when we were in Dubai.. if I were not at home and he had to cook for himself.. this is totaly what he will do.. cut some veggies and fry with laoganma chilli! hahahaha

Proof of how spicy this is!

Anyway, it was a great show...

I cried when (spoiler alert) BingBong tried to sacrifice himself.. NOt so much because he sacrificed himself which I already knew he is going to do.. but more so I think I was unconsciously coming to terms with the fact tat as we grow up, there are some things in our past we have to say goodbye to... cos that is how we can grow... so I was also saying my own goodbye to the little girl personalities who did not want to grow up..

Max says it is an excellent movie and now when people talk about how their kids are behaving this way or tat way.. Max's answer is "Ask them bring their kids to watch Inside Out.." hahahaha.. I think Max changed and came to terms with something in himself too..

Anyway, we greatly recommend this show to anyone and everyone!

I asked Ace who he identified with most in the show and he sheepishly replied.. "Anger.." hahahaha.. Ya, I guessed as much too. And I identified mostly with the super positive JOY who learnt tat there is also a space for other emotions too to feel real joy:)

As for Max.... he will surely deny identifying with ANY emotion. hahhaha :) But given he is such a softie who weeps when he watches movies.. My guess for him is he will identify with SADNESS.. hahahahah..

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