Saturday, September 26, 2015

Waiting Around For Daddy

 Max had some sort of meeting to attend and me and Ace had some errands to run....

So leh, Max dropped us on the way to his meeting and the two of us went jalan jalan as I was trying to find something that I wanted to buy...

Then we got tired and hungry... so we went to have tea:)

My good friend hor... after he ordered what he wanted liao just sit there and play games.. I said I am going to take picture of him and show this is how is repays his mother for buying him drinks and cakes.. hahahaha... so he quickly put his phone down and looked up...

Since we were free.. went to collect our garfield run medals... cute hor:)

The world is very small lor... we saw Annie godma while we were walking around as she was having lunch with her friend... and small world lor. Her friend who is visiting from HK is also a SOKA member and has been a member for 30+ years!

She kept encouraging Ace to join the gymnastics team lor.. hahahahaah:)

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