Monday, September 07, 2015

Science Centre Again Part 2

 After a short break.. we went back to take a walk inside the science centre and tried to cover the parts of the science center we have yet to cover...

 There was this section which seemed quite fun to me the last time we went but we did not have enough time there and so we decided to visit again..

 What a great idea!:)

 Mr Haolian posed when he cracked the lock:)

 Max was unsure what this was andd tried this...  first he took a picture.. and the picture was them put through different filters...

 Boh liao hor:)

 Saw this pile of junk an did not realize what it was till we walked furthur and looked at the shadows behind...

 Saw this big canon that shoots out a burst of air.. that actually went all the way to the shiny bits and caused them to move!:)

 Check out the differences in your heartbeat when you are stationary and when you are running..

 Saw this exhibit tat uses smoke to create like a typhoon. you can change patterns in the swirls by putting your hands near the source...

 This is Max being impressed...

 This one has to be Max's favorite exhibit... it is this exhibit that has I think water.. and then there are small pieces of dry ice being dispensed out and they will hit each other and dance around the water as they melt and then new ice is dispensed.

 Strangely hypnotic... Max says he wishes they have a miniature version he can bring home... I guess it is sort of like how old uncles like to have fish tanks and watch their fishes swim.. hahahaha:) Very fascinating..

Just so you have an idea of how it is like.. here is a video of it..

Then we went to this section which seemed to be a video game section. I found out later it is a section dedicated to teach children to say no to online bullies.

 For example, there is this TV screen you can go in front where they will say NEGATIVE things or POSITIVE things so that you get a feel of how it feels when you say certain things to other people and how it feels to be at the receiving end..

 It was pretty boring and so we went back to do our favorite hobby... how fast can you throw exhibit..

 In the few hours we were away, someone beat Max's record and hit 120km/h..  Max very buay song.. so must break tathe record but no matter how hard he threw, it never goes more than 90 so he says tat person must have played cheat.. hahahaha:) Cos tat person got it at one try too..

For me my ighest score was only 40... hahaha...

 So do I look better with a double left side face or a double right side face?:P

 Ace going about his illuminati thingy again...

 This bird is very cute.. when the bum is heated up the beak will go into the water. But when the beak gets wet, the whole bird moves too. so it will keep drinking water:)

 Saw the green climbing man and it reminded me of the climbing clown in Lamcy Plaza...

 Then leh, we went to the shop to walk walk see see...  Ace was so fascinated with all the toys and had so many things he wanted to buy. I tried to pull him away by telling him we are late for our show... only to end too early at the omni theatre.. so in the end, went to yet another shop to see see look look... 

 Max says he was very tired and so he sat down and rest an also make funny pose..

 The shop does have quite a few interesting  things...

 Ace saw thsi wooden gun and got excited.. I had to remind him that he has a bigger, better wooden rubberband gun at home for him to drop the idea of buying this..

 Reminds me of game and watch.. hahah

 Max noticed this LIjiang restaurant in the science centre... we wondered how the food will taste like..

Then it was time to go into the theatre...

 Omni theatre very steep lor.. so scary when we had to climb up... heng i was seated next to a place with railing.. my legs were all jelly:) hahaha

 While waiting for the show to start. the boys start goofing around..

 And since we free... and havent taken a wefie.. time for one now!

 And another one!

 We are watching an interactive show and so this is our "host"...

 The very tired Ace falling asleep and the very boh liao Max still disturbing him...

 Finally the show starts!

 We zoom into earth and take a trip around the world....

 We visit the constellations..

 And visit the various plantets... I think this is Mars..

 And even visit the moons of the planets...

Actually I must say that I was pretty impressed with Ace.  Whenever we were asked questions.. he always has the correct answer! And then I remembered he did  a semester with the theme "Our Solar System" in Horizon School in Dubai. I am glad he still remembers what Ms Roberts taught him.

 The milky way!

 The stars that make up this like ribbon like thing in space..

 And then we fly back to earth..

 Hey, back to the science center lor:) hahaha

 Then we decided to go and eat our late lunch. We only went nearby but Ace was so tired he still zzz in the car..

Went to IMM and had thai/indon food for lunch...

 I have been craving this but the other day ordered in Ayam Penyet and they said they ran out of the sauce so not available on menu.. finally get to satisfy my craving!:)

And so, that ended our FULL DAY FAMILY OUTING:) I hope Ace is happy now.. hahahaha..

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