Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mummy Close Your Eyes

Ace came home the other day and mysteriously came up to me...

"Mummy, close your eyes..." He said..

I wondered what he was up to but thought I will just oblige lah...

Then he took out his test paper and I got a very pleasant surprise.

Ace scored full marks for his English CA2. I think Ms Roberts will be so proud of him :)

It is not his first full marks in Singapore (he scored full marks for another math test the other time) but this test was one he did "work" for and I think after his not so good results in the mid year exams, he is mighty pleased with his english test results.

I just hope that he will not be complacent come final year exams...

Anyway, someone expected some sort of reward for doing well from me. He had wanted to buy this silicon kendama called Catchy Air that cost $22. He tried to save up for it but his weekly allowance is only $10 and minus all the rubbish he buys and food, he does not have much left.. PLUS I told him that he has to compulsory save up $1 in his savings box that is for money saved and cannot be taken out to spend.

So the other day, he went out with $18 in his pocket cos he saved up only that amount... went to the shop and found out that the kendama costs $22 and he started to give black face and show me attitude cos he realized he does not have enough to buy the kendama (which I told him in no uncertain terms that I will NOT  buy for him reason being he already has two kendama and I dun think he needs another one)

So when we reached home, he still black face.. and then I told him tat I think he is a very silly person.... Because leh, when he cannot buy, he show me black face... If I were him, I will smile nicely and ask "Mummy, since i did well, can you spare me $4 so I can buy the kendama?" Cos black face and tantrum dun need to nego liao...

Immediately he smiled and asked me... and I told him.. "Too late liao..."

Hahahahaha.. Evil hor, this mummy:)

But he has kind, angelic and loving godma.. Godma Annie gave him a red packet the other day when we met each other by chance... "for doing so well in school..." So Ace is elated. I told him he has to compulsory save some of that money up but he can put some in his "I want to buy something" fund.

Dunno why hor. someone suddenly changed his mind and saved up all the money instead:) hahahaha

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