Sunday, September 27, 2015


We were in the car and Ace was trying to tell us something and he ended up using both mandarin and english in the sentence... So Max reminded him to please use Chinese totally or English totally or both people from China  or England till be unable to understand him.

So Max tried to test Ace's Chinese vocab by asking him what is the chinese word for the word "Keyboard",  "CPU", "Mouse"... And Ace did not know... so I told Ace what the word is..

Max yaya and said he knew the chinese phrase for all these words but we were not really sure.. so I said I will test him with something new...

Since we were talking about all these computer parts. I decided to come up with the phrase "Monitor" and so I asked Max if he knew what is the chinese phrase for the word "Monitor"

"I know.. monitor lah.." Max said sheepishly..

"I know I know..." Ace said...



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