Wednesday, September 09, 2015

New Hair Do!

For the longest time, I have been bugging Ace to get his hair cut... But he keeps saying no...

Then one day, I finally managed ot persuade him to at least get it trimmed by me...

Alas, I not really good at trimming as well and so I try to get him to go get his hair cut by telling him I think his friends look very good with their crew cuts... I asked if he will like to try it since all of them look so good in it... if everyone did this cut.. must be tat this cut is popular...

(Ace likes to follow trends)

Finally, he he said YES...

See,so short and so handsome right.. plus only $4.50 lor.. hahahha... I am so going back to this aunty to cut hair..

Anyway, Ace says he realized that after he has had his hair cut, he really feels much cooler... and so now he says he loves this hairstyle and wants to keep to this style :)

Yes! Finally!

Been persuading him to do this cut since we returned to singapore but he insisted cannot cut too short lor..

I asked him if anyone noticed that he cut his hair and said it is nice and he said only his chinese tuition teacher noticed and said he looks very handsome now:) hahahaha..

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