Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Can Eat This Everyday!

Remember the Little Prince Veg stall we visited that day after the The Future Of Us exhibition..

Max who subscribes to the Vegeterian Society's feeds saw the owner of the stall posting this picture!

THe picture looked  so delicious Max could not help but travel all the way to Ngee Ann Poly to eat it:)

When he was there, we were discussing about dinner and then suddenly, we had a brilliant plan to dabao this home for dinner!:)


Alas, Aunty forgot to pack noodle and soup seperately... SO by time Max reached home and we waited till dinner to eat it... it was already gluey lor... But it still tasted great!

Ace who had bee eating non stop since 2pm (first he had noodles.. then he ate snacks... and then he went on to eat this noodle... it was like he had lunch, tea and dinner one after another) was amazing lor...

So full liao.. eat wat also cannot really enjoy right.. but he still slurped it up and commented "Mummy, this is delicious! I can eat it everyday!" So I figured it is really delicious lah.

I had prep talk with him afterwards lah.. I explained to him I am ok with him eating but he has to eat his proper meals at proper times and not eat everything one shot.. cos our body uses most of the energy to digest food... when we eat and eat non stop.. we will make our body weak and will fall sick easily... it is also harmful for our stomaches when we do that...

The next day, when offered snacks ,he declined and told me, "Mummy, 我已经反省了,我以后都不会这么吃不停了..."

So impressive leh.. use the words  "反省" leh. hahahaha..

On a side note, I wish the Xiao Wangzi Laoban can think about shifting his stall to Temasek Poly instead... so much nearer to home lor:) hahahahah

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