Friday, December 18, 2015

Malacca Family Trip Dec 2015- Day 3

Last day of our trip!

The good service boy woke up and decided to thank his dad for the trip and all the gifts with a good massage!:)

Taking a picture of Ace's lego while we were packing up to go...

Today, we decided we are DEFINITELY NOT going to eat hotel breakfast! We are going to eat kopitiam breakfast at the kopitiam next to our hotel.. cos we discovered a vegeterian stall there!:)

Looks exciting....
But one bite in and Ace's face turned black... For someone who likes to eat cold food, I was quite surprised to hear Ace complaining that the food sucks.. cos "It is so cold!"

And when I ate it... It was really cold and not tasty.. and so he sulked...

I ordered duck rice cos I have a soft spot for roast duck... Was yummy ;)

Max ordered laksa... and it is as delicious as it looks!:)

Very sian to eat his cold breakfast.. and so.. finally...

We ordered a wanton mee for him.. and I ate his charsiew and wonton.. and we transfeered the veg char siew over and he just eat like tat lah:) Heng ah.. cos the wanton noodles is very nice!:)

So finally there is a smile on his face.. phew:)

We finished the laksa.. and used the laksa to warm the COLD FOOD.. and so at least not wasted also:) hahahahaha...

Then we are on our way back.. our plan is go JB jalan jalan and then go back lor.. but we were a little worried cos read the news that there was a bad bad jam the day before...

But just pray for smooth journey lah:)

Saw this car and I told Max must buy 4D lah!:) hahahahahaa...

We decided to stop by at this shop to buy some food stuff for my parents (cos Max's parents are coming to Malacca in two week's time)... And I was wondering why Ace kept looking at that aile.. till I realized he is actually looking out of the window and keeping watch on the car.. after all the precious purchases.... he is afraid pple will steal his toys!:) hahahahaha

Drove past that old timer medical hall i paiseh to take picture of.. so quickly napped a picture...

Noticed from our hotel we can see some sort of temple... finally can see how it looks like:)

Drove past our breakfast kopitiam again... actually they at night sell different things and sell char kway tiao.. too bad there was long queue so we din buy and eat the night before and opted for the mee goreng..

After a long drive, finally back in JB... I suggested we go KSL and go try the Beyond Veggies since I had such a good memory of that place when we visited about a year ago with our friends during our xmas trip to watch fireflies...

Sigh... so much food.. so little tummy space!:)

Ordered a fried brocolli.. satay.. (which Ace loves)

And a super yummilicious toufu!

Fried oyster mushroom with pumpkin floss:)

This is how tasty it was!

Anyway, Max found out they now have a branch in SGP! Yay!!!!

Went shopping and Max actually wanted to buy shoes but the KSL shopping centre hor to me felt like a super big air conditioned pasar malam.. so cannot find the type of things he wants...

Saw these Star Wars PJs...

And these super hero minions:)

Anyway, we talked about going to karaoke as a family together before the holiday started and Max thought since already here, just go lah:) And so we did :)

But the system here quite lao kuan type

Ace had so much fun.. but I had to pick songs for him too... and how I know wat songs he likes.. of cos i know cos I had to help him download his playlist for his phone:) hahahha

Can you guess wat this monkey of a song this is?

ANd while we were singing.. wat was Max doing??? Drinking lor!

So.. you have seen Ace dance and you have seen him do a Oppa Gangnam Style PSY imitation...... now you get a chance to watch him sing...

So how? Do we have  a star in the making?

Talking about stars.. I bought a new phone cover with glitter and stars... My current fav hobby is watch the stars fall down with the glitter.. so pretty!:) Max say I am crazy to keep staring at my phone cover :) ahahahahah

After karaoke.. since we were quite full... we skipped dinner and went home lah:)

And we were happy to announce tat we were blessed and did not met any jam at all:) And that we reached home safe and sound:)

What fun we had!

Already looking forward to the next family trip!:)

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