Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Latest Lego Creations

Met up with Godma SL post christmas for a meal:)

Ace was excited to meet up to pass her the cookies he baked... (she said they were delicious!)

I told her it is always a dilemma for me when I meet her.. do I bring Ace or not. If I do.. he always interrupts when we chat. If I dun, I know she will miss him...

We had a meal at Mac Donalds and then went to walk walk in Toys R Us...

Thank goodness Ganma SL very clever.. in the Xmas presents she bought for Ace, she bought a Star Wars water bottle, a Star wars bag (that Ace loves and declare is his current favorite bag) and also a small MINION those mini lego that he can fix while we chat and have tea:) hahaha

Ace jalan jalan in ToysRUs:)

Walked until very tired liao so we went to food court to sit down and while we chat, the boy fixed up his minion:)

It was a super long chat we had since we havent been meeting up for quite a while and

Somehow, fixing the minion made him miss his lego and so he took out his lego set to fix things up and asked me to take photo and post on his blog...

Purposely put some background in the laptop screen so it looks liek batman is flying in the sky:)

This one is supposed to be picture of a dark forest but the lighting is such tat we cant capture much of the background but we captured Ace's face:) hahaha..

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