Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Lions Club Xmas Gathering

We picked Ace up from guitar and then went to chill a little as we had time before the Lions Club Xmas Gathering that we were attending...

Anshun gor gor bought some cheese and the very atas Ace only wanted to eat the expensive blue cheese! Atas kiah!

And he said he was hungry so we bought a slice of this yummy looking cake for him..

But of cos we never eat too much.. we know we need to conserve stomach space for the good food by Aunty Mag ... even Ace knows that.. when he heard that Aunty Mag is cooking.. he said, "Oh good! Aunty Mag's cooking always 很好吃one.." :)

And presenting to you... From Mag's Kitchen...

Veg Chilli Yong Tao Hu!

Veg cereal prawn!
Veg Pen Cai.. the best best best dish!!! Even Uncle Anshun who has very refined taste buds says this is the best Pen Cai he has ever eaten!

Thank you Mag for the good food!!

Anyway, while we were having meeting.. heng ah.... Aunty Dianna brought her son SHerman to the meeting and he entertained Ace by teaching Ace how to make balloon sculptures:)

But he had to leave early and Ace got so bored he started crawling around the room like a doggy.. It was a face palm moment for me.. but boh pian.. I know he is bored and nothing to do...

Actually Aunty Mag asked me to help buy him a present but I did not have any time to do so and so she gave him a standby present instead and was so worried that he will be disappointed.. But worry not! Cos Ace ended up the 大赢家!

For gift exchange, Uncle Anshun picked his name and gave him this recyclable coffee mug.. that is perfect for when Ace makes MILO at home! On top of that, Uncle Anshun got a ipad bag which he has no use for since he has no ipad and so he gifted it to Ace and Ace was soooooooooooooooooooooo excited... he has been lugging it around and using it almost everyday since then.. hahahaha

All in all, a very happy meeting and party!:)

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