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VIsion Workshop 2015

My Vision board made in dec 2014
 Last year, I brought Ace along to the Vision workshop and we made our vision boards....

For a long time, I could not figure out what my vision board meant.. though I knew that the cards I picked for that year were very the very description of my struggles I had.. and same for Ace too:)

My teacher told me it is because I refused to acknowledge what has come to me.. and interestingly.. once that got through me. my board started to make sense to me:) hahahaa

Anyway, Ace was excited to attend again and again, he was the life of the party.. jumping around and doing this and that.. and then he was so adorable that our teacher said she will treat him to lunch.. and she did:) hahahaha

 And as part of his quirky antics.. Ace drew a picture of our teacher Chiching and gave it to her... She asked if  that was his masterpiece and how much he will sell it for and he said he will sell for $10 and so she said it was her investment in her belief that one day, he will become a super famous artist ;) And so she bought his "artwork" for $10.

 I am amused that when Ace drew an ARROW that pointed to Chiching and wrote “您”, he used the hornorific.. instead of just saying 你。。。

Other than master artist, Ace also built a reputation for himself as kopi boy ;)

Started with him saying that his buddy, Selyn Jie Jie, looked very thirsty and so he made Milo for her.. and she went "Oh, you are so sweet...such a good boy...." And he was encouraged to do the same for others.. and then he started making coffee for more pple.. to taking active orders like going around the class to ask, "Do you want coffee? Do you want coffee?"

I asked him why he wants to make coffee for everyone.. he says it is because a) making coffee/tea and milo is very fun; b) he thinks that the special way he uses to make coffee makes his coffee EXTRA NICE (which everyone else agreed) ; c) he feels very good when everyone says he is a good boy, a helpful boy, a good service boy

He took his coffee duties very seriously lor.. next day morning he said he wanted to go earlier cos many people placed orders with him the day before and so he had many cups of coffee to make:) hahahaa

But leh, I think he still has problems following course flow and doing all the homework..  When asked to list top 10 things that happened in 2015... he only listed 3....

I think my son has goldfish memory and also cos he is the type of person one something passes, he forgets about it. So when he had to sit down and recall the top 10 things that happened in 2015... he really only recalled Laoma's death.... and some random things like how his friend bullied him.. I thought he might put down his myanmar trip or wat... but he didnt...

He even said he did not want to do one of the exercises.. and while the teacher told him that was fine as long as he told his group nicely, I was like.. "wah lau.. waste my money again.. last year he also din wanna do lor.. promised me this year he will do and now never do.. not going to pay for his course fees anymore lor..."

On our way home from Day 1.. I reminded him he promised he will complete all the exercises this year and he did not keep his I am not going to pay for next year's vision workshop liao. He then said ok ok. he promise he will do when he is 11 years old. blah blah blah...

 Ace making his first cup in the morning of Day 2 for Bee Ling jie jie:)

 I also salute him lor.. cos after some time of making cofee, he actually took this biscuit container and cut a hole, add a lanyard and then put in the coffee sachets and cups and stirrers inside and this became like his roving coffee stall!:) Very innovative!

 And everyone was so excited when he made a stand for his vision board.. and they all said he is so intelligent! Hahaha.. He is creative.. no doubt about that..

We made our vision boards and then they were jumbled up and we were given a random one tat represents our SUBCONCIOUS VISION boards..

Our teacher tells us that our subconscious mind is very strong so we may end up completing these items faster than those on our own boards...

 Very interesting that the one I picked was made by someone who just got married and trying for a b.. hence all the family and child and bb photos:) But well, I know now that sometimes vision boards are not literal and there could be other meanings in it... we shall wait and see how the new year unfolds...

 Class photos....

 Sending blessings to the boards...

Kerr, who got Ace's board in the subconscious board thingy said he now knows tat subconsciously, he loves money and he loves toys:) hahahahhahahaaha....

 Our two trainers and the class's favourite coffee boy:)

 My son's vision board is all toys and stickers tat say "Billionaire Boys Club".. I really think he is a money face.. even the storm trooper helmet he stick is all MONEY one...

Anyway, just FYI, he pasted headphones on them and again.. year havent started and he already got it:)

 Me and my buddy:)

 Ace and his buddy :)  She wrote that Ace reminded her to stay outrageous and it hit me that I was actually like Ace when I was much younger but over time as I aged, I sort of judged this part of myself and hid it well... and probably that is why I have a son who is SOOOOOOO OUTRAGEOUS and always LIFE OF THE PARTY... and if I do put aside my judgements.. tat IS quite cool and attractive!:)
 My family group :) Was such great fun to be with them:)

Ace's family group and I am so thankful for them for loving him so much and taking such good care of him and putting up with all his nonsense:) hahahaha...

 Managed to catch the coffee boy in action finally!:)

 Ace got the vision board of the only other child in the workshop... and they are so cute lor.. cos they are so shy.. after we are done with the subconcsious vision board exercise, you suppose to return it to their rightful owner and give them a hug... so everyone hugged everyone.. except these two kiddos.. they just shook hands:) hahaahahahahahah...

And interestingly, I think Celeste's vision board does reflect Ace's true desires cos it is all about having fun and doing well in school :) hahaha

 I realized later that Ace actually wrote something liek TIPS TO BE PUT HERE on the cover of his container:) hahahaha..

While he din get tips, he really got lots of love from his family group.. HIs grp leader, Aunty Audrey gave him a lightning cable (he had tat on his wish list) that can glow in the dark and light up with colourful lights and has smiley face.. so cute and nice lor!

 Staff dinner at Indian restaurant and Ace and Max got to join in too:)

Was a great two day workshop.... Looking forward to 2016 and see how it will unfold:)

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