Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Play Date With Lele

Before the start of the holidays, I asked Ace what he wanted to do this holiday...

He said he wanted to have playdates with his good friends, Lele and Louis... but we have been so busy this holiday that it has been difficult to arrange for a date where everyone is free to meet up.

The other day, Max said he will be having dinner with friends and will not be home and so I thought since there is a free slot, I called and asked if Lele's mum wanted to have dinner together. She suggested that we visit them and so we did:)

Ace brought along his usual guns and stuff and I asked him why he needed to bring toys when Lele has so many toys at home and his answer is.. "But he doesn't have this one..."

Anyway, their first game of the day is Little Prince Cafe:) hahahaha. Lele's mum bought a new Nespresso machine and Ace initially wanted to make a milo BUT when he heard the machine only makes hot milo, he said he dun want liao.. but cos I din wanna disappoint the boys, so I ordered a mocha so they can fiddle with the machine:) haha...

See, even served in traditional kopitiam cups!:)

Then they took out all the barang barang and the living room looked like a war zone when they were playing...

At the start, they negotiated about wat to play and Lele said he wanted to play Disney Infinity on the XBox and Ace said he did not want to.. and dunno how, they nego and nego.. they finally decided to play.. I think likely they were taking turns to do different things each other wanted to do...

I am happy that Ace knows to take turns and take care of his bro:)

SO they played the Disney Infinity and Ace wanted to use Iron Man without regard for his powers and kept losing:) hahahaha...

And then as me and KP chatted on, the boys went to the room and played all sorts of games.

Ace said the most fun game was the Light Sabre fight in the DARK!

And I was like, "Aiyoh, that is so dangerous leh!"

"No lah, I hit lightly and we each other's sabre mah.."

I told him that it is in the dark and you cannot see each other, sure to accidentally hit each other and he confessed that he hit Lele once accidentally and Lele also accidentally hit him... And so I told him that is exactly my point. I told him they should have lights so they can see each other lah..

Anyway, the two boys had so much fun that when it was time to go home.. it took ONE HOUR  from the time I said we have to go home... till the time we actually stepped out of their house:) hahaha...

Anyway, at least one item I promised him is checked off in the list.. phew:)

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