Monday, June 06, 2016

12th Wedding Anniversary

Celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary the other day... so dumped Ace at mum's place:)

 Testing my new app that can take photos after 2 seconds when you put up your palm and close it up into a fist...

 And the other function where you can take photo instantly when you make the V sign...

 Max say to try if middle finger works.... and it worked! But only after a few tries:) hahahahaha

 Max says this is a restaurant that had great reviews for the buffet.. so we came here lor:)

 Can you see the pearl necklace I am wearing? That was my present for one of the wedding anniversaries.... so given that today is a meaningful day, I decided to wear it lor:)

 I cant believe that I come to international buffet but just feel like whacking all the local foods! The aftermath of living in Dubai for a few years! hahahahaha.... But I think I am really more of a kopitiam girl..... I always tell max he lucky he has very easy and cheap to feed wife:)

Only thing "costly" tat I eat is all my VP and Indigold!

 I saw alot of pple eating crab.. looks like alaskan crab.. I never eat before so though I am not a crab person.. I went to take some to TRY... ERm.. not nice leh.. hahahah

 Still prefer my sashimi!:)

 They served my fav chirashi! yums!

 I asked for a little roast duck.. but that young man gave me so many pieces!

STill got to keep space for desserts!

 After dessert very full liao.. cannot eat anymore! hahahahaha...

 So we camwhore!

And also pple watch a bit... saw this couple.. and wondered why the girl wearing a GOWN to eat buffet at a normal restaurant.. maybe their special day or wat... the guy was just in rolled up long sleeves shirt that looked casual and kaki pants! hahahahaha... And then it hit me that the guy was on TV... he took part in some singing competition and has some small actings parts here and there.... Maybe that is why his gal felt she needed to dress to impress:)

 We took this photo cos this is our grading of this place.. 4/10.... Hahahahahahaha....

But leh, Max was saying there is alot of things here that Ace likes to eat so he probably would have enjoyed himself very much if we had brought him along... shhhhh... dun tell him!

 Had ice cream and peng san... no more food!

 As it was early and the bar downstairs looked cosy, we decided to go have another drink...

 Taking some pics while waiting for our drinks to come...

 Max ordered Gin Tonic which tasted very nice!

 He laughed at my drink which was mostly ICE! Should have ordered Gin TOnic too...

 We were trying to be artistic and waited for the lifts to be aligned so we could take this nice photo:)

 Photo taking using the special camera app again...

 Max trying out stunts to take photos using different permutations that looked like the Victory sign...

 I drink and drink still left so much lor...  so Max laughed at me... Humph! :(

 Meanwhile, Ace went out with Ah yee, Nett Nett and Cay and Ah Yee bought them the little egglets to eat.. they were so engrossed in eating tat when she asked them to pose for her camera, they totally ignored here and just kept eating! hahahahaha

So... everyone was happy!:) hahahaha

Got the SCARIEST Anniversary Present of my life! 😝😝😝

Max had gone to bed earlier at 12 midnight or so.. Walked into bedroom in total darkness at 2am to sleep and was adjusting my alarm for the next day when someone jumped up from bed and said to me, "Happy Anniversary! " Hahaha...

Scared me to death and made my heart go pik pok pik pok for sometime and made me laugh non stop for 3 min till there were tears rolling down my face; )

Happy 12th Anniversary, ε€§η™½θœ!though u scared me to death... It made me remember why I married u... (cos u were fun, loving and exciting to be with... ) and though my heart went pik pok pik pok and couldn't settle down to sleep for some time... 😝 I felt loved by you... And that, for me, is of utmost importance 😍😍😍 I Love You!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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