Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ace's 11th Movie Birthday Celebration

Took a long long long long time for Ace to decide what sort of party he wanted and who he wanted to invite...

After dinging and donging for a long time, we finally settled on a MOVIE PARTY... and the movie he chose was Independence Day RESURGENCE because his teacher, Mr L, showed them the movie in class after the exams... so the whole class was excited to find out what happened 20 years later:)

So we finally decided that we will have swensens ice cream and then watch the movie together:)

 Took a picture at Swensens before going to Mac Donald to meet up with everyone else because that was the designated meeting point...

 Where are my friends???

 And the first friend to turn up was Lele:)

 WHo not only gave Ace and awesome present but also made him a card that can sing Happy Birthday!

 And then his other friends arrived and we made our way to Swensens...

 Lele was a little shy and so he sat with his mum while Ace's classmates sat together ....

 We ordered the earthquake for them to share but turns out the kids did not have much appetite for ice cream cos they did not finish everything:) Hahaha.. But leh, they seem to have similar tastes cos they were allowed to choose two flavours each and they ended up choosing the same flavours:)

 Then Ace started opening his presents..

 Time to put on our jackets and make our way to the movie theatre:)

 Not before we take a few group photos:)

 Once in the theatre, the kids were very excited... they even met another classmate in the theatre:)

After the show, everyone declared that the like RESURGENCE better.... for us older folks.. we just marvelled at how much older everyone looked in the show:) hahahahahahahaha.... ANd then it hit us that the last movie was 20 years ago... dun wanna feel old ALSO cannot lor!

 After the movie, we had another pizza party with our good friends Louis, Teoh and Veron, Jez, Tashi and Oracle... and while waiting for the food to arrive, for some unknown reason, everyone was playing Agario...

Even Jez Meinu also got interested and try to play the game:)

It was a great gathering and great to see everyone again:)

Time for a group photo!

Anyway, it was so sweet that Tashi and Oracle also used their pocket money to buy Ace a present!

Ace immediately started playing the moment he reached home...

All in all, a lovely start to Ace's 11th Birthday:)

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