Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ace's 11th Birthday Celebration With Yeye and Nainai

As I had promised Popo to attend the WD Discussion Meeting with her, I had go skip Ace's celebration at Yeye and Nainai's house:)

As usual though, he visited after tennis and Nainai made a special birthday cake that was made out of jelly and cake for him:)

Glad they brought some home for me:) I asked Nainai afterwards about how she learnt to make this cake and she said she learnt it when she bought the airfryer... however, she was too greedy and added too much liao.. hence the cake was more cake and less jelly.. originally, it should be half half in proportion:) hahahah

And that marked "the end" of Ace's celebrations:)

I seems like yesterday when he was born lor....  I was chatting at night with Annie Godma and got nostalgic and sent her this...

I asked her if she could still remember when Ace was born and she did:) hahahaa..

Oh.. and of cos not to forget, I made this special video for Ace to look back on when he is older...

My friend said she almost teared watching this cos it made her think of how it was when her kids were born too:) haha...

Anyway, Happy birthday Ace.. another year older, another year wiser:)

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