Sunday, June 12, 2016

Faire Un Voyage Charity Run

We had such fun last year when we took part in the Beun Momento Charity Run :)

So, this year, when we got an email saying they are doing another charity run, we signed up again:)

Reached there a little earlier to collect our race packs. We were a little disappointed when we noticed that the fair seem to be on a much smaller scale.. even the goodie bag and all the prizes available at the games table also downsize:) Not as fantastic as last year where we got LOTS OF STUFF!

Generally, I think the whole mood is also different. Last year, the students were dam on.. they were cheering everyone throughout and were more enthu... I shared my observation with Ace and Max and we think it is likely because new committee so new type of thinking and energy and so different results.. If you asked me, I think last year was more well planned cos generally everyone seemed more ON...

But still we should just make the most out of it since we signed up:)

Since we were early, Ace went around to play games there...

Not surprising he chose a shooting game:)

Ace was quite good lor:) And he kept winning...

His fav- SCOTCH TAPES!!!!!

This game is not so easy thought gor gor gave Ace extra chance:)

This game is quite fun..hit the lever and the duck will land on the lilypad :)

Ace also got quite good at this game... his duck landed a few times in the 100 points lilypad!:)

I thought this game looked quite difficult but Ace managed to throw one ball in at the first try! I was quite amazed. I must say his ball sense has improved tremendously.. maybe all the tennis and basketball he is playing is really helping!:)

Back to shooting again!

Ace won a Hello Kitty fan for me:)

This is one of the most difficult games.. but they offer the best prizes.. They giving away a nice hip bag, some internet anti virus thingy.. and some other stuff if you hit the high points...  but too bad Ace is not good at it yet...

Time to start running... I decided that I will walk two rounds.

Ace says he will run two rounds and the two boys did their run thing while I brisk walked...

Ace gave up after one round:) hahahahahaha.. he said very tired lah... legs very pain lah..

When I was doing maybe the last quarter of my second round, Max was doing his 3rd round and he slowed down to walk with me:)

When we were walking, we saw this amazing man.. who was running in SLIPPERS and he was faster than us lor! hahahahaah... AMAZING!!!!:)

Cos we were feeling very hungry, decided to go dinner... Max asked me if I remembered what is the name of our fren's mother's restaurant... to which I replied.. "Erm.. I dunno leh... I always refer to it as Jimmy Mother Restaurant" hahahahahahah.....

And after searching through my tired brain.. I finally recalled its English and we made our way there with the help of Google Map:)

Had a great meal there.. one of the dish is literally all of Max's fav vegs fried together in Chilli.. he says he will consider coming here and order tat dish plus rice for his meal if he is eating alone:) hahaha

We ended the day with some yummy fried ice cream... Is SURPRISE one lor. dunno wat flavour till you bite into it.. Ace got the chocolate and I got yam ;)

Happy that we did our part for charity and got a full tummy:) hee

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