Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fathers' Day Celebration With Gong Gong

We were discussing about where to bring Gong Gong for Fathers' Day and since gong gong wanted to eat beef, we decided we will do korean BBQ...

So much food no space to put more plates lor and we were ALL SO FULL!

Midway into the meal, Ace found out that there are soft serve ice cream being sold and wanted one... so Max gave him money to buy one for himself and one for Cay... hahahha:)

Cayden eating ice cream by himself for the FIRST TIME!:)

Max challenged Ace to eat the green chilli and said he will give him $5 if he ate and swallowed the chilli....
Ace tried....

But FAILED:) hahahaha

Everyone went home feeling super full:)

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