Sunday, June 05, 2016

Pick Me Up Cafe And Dream Bed Loft

Early morning.. wanted to find a place to have breakfast together but cannot decide where..  Nevermind lah.. selfie first:) hahahaha

In the end, we decided to go to East Coast and Ace said he wanted to bring along his kite to fly it...

Alas when we reached East Coast, it was sort of raining... so not kite flying for us:) But still, Pick Me Up Cafe was open and we ventured in for breakfast. Ace and Max visited once by themselves and tried to bring me there once but when we reached, it was closed... so I am glad it is opened today:)

Max chose to eat pizza...

Ace wetn for a waffle with ice cream set...

I  decided to go for something special.... MISO waffle with smoked salmon ... very interesting taste:) I think I will make miso waffle if I get a chance too:)

Father and son playing the.. "write on your back and guess what I am writing" game... Ace is apparently very bad at the game:) wahahahahahahah

As it was the opening day of our friend's shop, we decided to go visit them at their new store:)

Ace won the most expensive present in their sure win lucky draw-- a latex pillow!:) hahaha.. so he very excited and decided to help send out info about the shop to his friends.. I dunno how effective it will be given little kids have almost no need for beds and bedding stuff:) BUT.... I guess it is the thought that counts:)

Afterward, we went to Popular Bookstore and Ace is so pumped up about studying in SST that he actually asked if we could buy him physics and chemistry books for O level for him to read!?! Hahahahaha...

We did not do that lah.. but we did read questions to test him and out of 4 MCQ O level chemistry questions, he actually got three right.. not bad!:)

PS: Opening promo is over but The Dream Bed Loft may still offer you a good price if you say you are Angel's friend:) hahaha..
    81 Marine Parade Central #01-642, Singapore 440081
  • Phone number: 9069 1599
  • Email
They also have a branch in Bedok next to the Cash Converters near Bedok Library.

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